Crate Paper | Handmade Wooden Stand + Cute Mini Notebook

Crate Paper | Handmade Wooden Stand + Cute Mini Notebook

Welcome to my blog and a new DIY inspiration. This post features a handmade wooden stand and a cute mini notebook. I made the stand with wooden dowels, baker's twine, and glue dots. And I used stickers, a tassel charm, and embellishments from Crate Paper for decoration. I attached the dowels with glue dots and then fastened the dowels with baker's twine. The stand is a nice decorative item to display photos and small paper projects. I also created a mini notebook in a paper pocket. Let's have a look at some photos: 

I bought the dowels from a DIY store. It took some trial and error to make the stand, but in the end, I managed to create a firm and stable piece of decoration.

And here is a snapshot of the mini notebook in a pocket:

How to make the notebook: First, I cut a cover from the specialty paper (from the Magical Forest Collection by Crate Paper). It comes with cute golden rainbows. Then I cut blank pages from white paper. Next, I used a stapler to attach these inside pages to the cover. In a last step, I made a pocket with a notch at the top. It's so simple, yet I LOVE it :).

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you like my wooden stand and the cute mini notebook. Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra :).

Paper meets Flowers | Paper Pouch with Flowers

Paper meets Flowers | Paper Pouch with Flowers

Welcome to my blog and a new DIY inspiration. It's called Paper meets Flowers. I had some rosettes left over from a recent project I did for Felicityjane Jane (click to see the layout). And I was in the mood to make a cute paper pouch with faux flowers.

I picked some pretty faux flowers from an online shop for floristry supplies. Then I made a plant pouch from paper and tucked the flowers inside. It's a really simple project. Just cut a 12"x12" paper into half (6"x12"). Next, fold this paper at 6" and glue the edges with double-sided tape. Leave the top open to tuck your favorite flowers. Then decorate the pouch with rosettes, pinwheels, and stamped messages. This is such an effortless way to create a decorative table centerpiece or a special gift. 

TIP 1: Create hangers for the rosettes and the pinwheels with baker's twine.

TIP 2: Add notes of encouragement with stamp sets. Attach the messages with small paper clips. The Essentials Mini Wide Paper Clips from FJ have the perfect size :).

Supplies: Felicity Jane Bailey Paper Pack | Bailey Spots & Scallops | Bailey Solid Paper | Shay Paint & Stripes | Madison Stamp Set

Thank you for stopping by here on my blog. Wishing you a wonderful day, yours Sandra.

American Crafts | Easter Baskets and Paper Cones

American Crafts | Easter Baskets and Cones

Welcome to a fun blog post featuring special Easter gifts. Instead of creating cards, I thought of a more creative way to show that you care during Easter. I made three cute paper baskets and two cones. You can drop these off at your family's doorstep. Or you can send them in a parcel to your friends. Include a little note to tell them how much you miss them. The baskets and cones can be used for decoration too. Let’s have a look at the projects:

I painted white styrofoam eggs with Rose Gold and Champagne Gold Acrylic Paint from Vicki Boutin. I applied two coats of paint. Before applying the gold paint, I treated the eggs with white gesso from Jane Davenport.

I folded the baskets from square pieces of paper (size 7”x7”). You can find folding instructions on the Internet. Just search for 'how to fold a basket from paper'.

In addition to the painted eggs and the little notes, I added some fancy glitter filling from my stash to imitate grass. I think this is more modern than the traditional Easter basket, which would be filled with green grass.

To make the cones, cut a triangle shape from a square paper. And then just roll the paper to make a cone. TIP: Secure the ends with double-sided tape.

Supplies: American Crafts Dear Lizzy Here and Now Carefree (356323), High Five (356324), Free Spirit (356329), Vicki Boutin Let's Wander Acrylic Paints (355343) | Shimelle Never Grow Up Face the Sun (356152), Spring Awakening (356158), Layered Stickers (356186) | Jane Davenport Gesso | Glitter Filling

Thank you for stopping by today. And now hop on over to the American Crafts Studio Blog to find out more about today's projects. Have a lovely day, yours Sandra :).

Crate Paper | Make a Mini Pocket Planner with Day to Day + Video


Crate Paper | Make a Mini Pocket Planner with Day to Day + Video

Today I'm sharing my Mini Pocket Planner. I created it with the Disc Planner Punch Board and embellishments from the fabulous Day to Day Collection by Crate Paper. I love this punch board. Because you can create planners in any size and style you want to. The Mini Pocket Planner fits into smaller bags. And it’s perfect to write down ideas and plans on the go. There is a short video tutorial on my Youtube channel. You might want to check it out. Please find the link to the video at the end of this post. Let’s have a look at the pocket planner:

I started by cutting several pieces of paper to size 3”x4”. I also cut two pieces of acetate foil to protect the cover pages.

Next, I used the Disc Planner Punch Board to punch all papers at 24, 37 and 50. I used these particular measures because they fit the Floral Charm Tassel Bookmark, which also has three punched holes.

Supplies: Crate Paper Day to Day Paper Clips (373028), Charms (373029), Floral Charm Tassel Bookmark (373032), Small Mint Planner Discs (373035), Sticker (373038, 373039, 373040), Washi Tape (373041), Disc Planner Punch Board with adjustable Punches (373044), Stickers (373046), Acrylic Stamps (373047), Note Pages (373050), Sticky Notepads (373051), Binder Clips (373058), Sticky Notepads (373093), Stickers (373094), Flourish Anne (344361), Poetic (344366), Heritage Sincerely (350936)

Click on the image below to watch the video for this Mini Pocket Planner:

Thank you for stopping by. Now it's time to hop on over to the Crate Paper Blog to find out more about my Mini Pocket Planner. Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra :).