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Handmade Gift Pocket

"It's the little thoughtful things that make life sweet". Let your friends know you're thinking of them. Bring joy to their everyday lifes by giving a little gift. Show some affirmation that you're happy your friends are in your life. And a tea bag in a handmade pocket will surely make their day. It will show them that you care. I've got a nice do-it-yourself inspiration on the Altenew Scrapbook Blog and on my blog today: A stamped and sewn pocket that holds a handmade gift tag and a tea bag. Find out more here. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day, yours Sandra.

DIY Papiertasche für Teebeutelgeschenk

Auf dem Scrapbook Blog von Altenew zeige ich euch heute eine Inspiration zur Gestaltung einer Papiertasche für ein Teebeutelgeschenk. Schaut gern auch dort vorbei. Herzliche Grüße von eurer Sandra.

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