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Color Pour American Crafts Tutorial DIY

Color Pour American Crafts Tutorial How To

Get messy with the new product collection Color Pour by American Crafts. Here is what American Crafts says about Color Pour:
Color Pour is an easy-to-use program that lets you perfect the art of paint pouring without the frustration of trial and error. This collection features pre-mixed paints with the perfect amount of pouring mediums. Highly-pigmented paints yield beautiful colors while varnishes, silicone oil, and glitter turn your creations into something to be proud of. And with its simple instructions, Color Pour is the perfect art project for any age and any skill level.
Create decorative canvas paintings (and other objects) with pouring paints (single or pre-mixed pouring paint kits), silicone oil, glitters, and foil flakes. I tried it - watch my video tutorial on youtube (click). Before you start, please cover your workspace with a drop cloth and use a high-quality canvas to achieve a smooth finish. There are some pics below to get you started. If you want to find out how I experimented with this product collection, please watch my video tutorial on youtube.

The Results

I created three projects: two with a high-quality canvas and one with a tray made of concrete. I'm quite satisfied with the first canvas. I used a lot of the silicone oil with the pouring paints. This will create the white space on the canvas. But the tray is my absolut favourite. I just love how it turned out. All projects will be unique with the Color Pour technique - there is some luck involved :).

Tips For The Making

  • Cover your table with a drop cloth - there will be a lot of excess paint
  • Use gloves (e.g. rubber or latex gloves) - your hands will get messy
  • Shake your paints well
  • Remove the protection cap/foil from the bottle
  • Use a lot of paint to make sure to cover the entire canvas (or any other surface you're using)
  • Mix in silicone oil to create white space
  • When mixing paints, start with paints in lighter colours and mix in darker paints last (if you want to create darker projects, then start with the darker paints)
  • Let paints on canvas dry for about 12 hours
  • Have fun getting messy :)
  • There might be some more tips I don't know yet...

What about the excess paint?

There will be paint on your drop cloth. I had a watercolor postcard pad in my stash. And I just pressed the postcards onto the excess paint. You can create patterns like these:

Have fun trying out Color Pour by American Crafts. Thank you for stopping by. Have a good time. Yours, Sandra.

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  1. This is lovely! I have been looking for inspiration to create one of a kind pieces for my home :)


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