American Crafts Storyteller | 2 Tips to create an awesome scrapbook layout

Welcome to a new blog post here on my blog. Today I want to share 2 tips to create an awesome scrapbook layout. The secret to make your layout awesome is to add something handmade to your project.

My 2 tips:

  1. Customize the background and
  2. add at least one handmade embellishment.

Before I go into detail, let's first have a look at the finished scrapbook page:

Tip 1: Customize the background. There are a lot of options. I used a stencil and embossing paste to create a nice texture and an eyecatcher on the scrapbook page. Some of the words will be covered later by the photo and embellishments. However, just knowing that you created the background yourself, will make your layout special :).

Tip 2: Create a handmade embellishment. I used an ordinary paper clip and added a washi-tape flag.

How to: paper clip with washi-tape flag. Grab a paper clip. Get a washi-tape spool. Place a strip of washi-tape onto the top of the clip. Glue the washi-tape strip as shown in the photo below. Cut to the desired shape. Done!

Add bold flower ephemera pieces onto the layout for a happy look & feel:

Supplies: American Crafts | Vicki Boutin 'Storyteller': Bohemian (34001326), Narrative (34001328), Sticker Book (34001341), Embellishments (34001342), Embellishments (34001343), Washi Tape Spools (34001345), Wild Soul Stencil (34001348)

Thank you for stopping by today. And now have a look at the post over on the American Crafts Blog to find out more. Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra.

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