Mini album in a box | DIY banderole with washi tape and heat embossing

Welcome to this post. I would call it 'Oldies, but Goodies'. I prepared this post in July 2014 for a guest post on Els Brigé's blog. I thought it would be good to have the project here on my blog as well. The project is an accordion fold mini album in an upcycled Kiri box (Kiri is a cream cheese) and I want to show you how I created the banderole with washi tape and embossing technique. You will need a Kiri box or any other box that is suitable to hold a mini album, some white cardstock, two roles of washi tape, an embossing pad, embossing powder, scissors, glue and decoration for the front and the inside of the box. Use the cover of the Kiri box as a template and cut out your own cover from designer paper. (I don’t explain this step in detail, because I’m sure you know how to do this :).

And now to the embossing part… (The pink tape shown in the photo below will be used as the base to hold the embossed golden stripe).

Attach two stripes of washi tape to white cardstock. You will be embossing the middle part here.

Stamp the middle part with an embossing pad.

Cover the middle part with golden embossing powder.

Heat emboss the powder.

Remove the washi tape and cut out the golden stripe leaving a white margin on both sides.

Glue the embossed golden stripe to the pink washi tape and wrap this banderole around the box. Glue the ends together at the back.

I folded light blue cardstock to an accordeon and glued it to the inside bottom of the Kiri box. I also added one more embossed stripe on the right side and I also attached some of the pink washi tape to the sides of the box to cover the blue of the original box. Now you can decorate the box and the inside. Et voilà – you now have an upcycled nice little mini to hold your photos :).

I hope you like my inspiration.
Have a great day, Sandra

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  1. Die Idee ist immer noch genial! Schön, dass du uns das Mini nochmal zeigst, auch wenn ich es schonmal gesehen habe. Ein Traum in Pastell!

  2. Liebe Sandra
    Wieder ein ganz tolles Werk, ein tolles Tutorial. Einfach klasse. Ich habe Dich für "den liebsten Blog 2015" nominiert. Infos findest Du dazu bei mir auf dem Blog :). Ganz liebe Grüsse Michelle

  3. So beautiful and very creative! Thank you for the tutorial!


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