Crate Paper | How to make pretty paper flowers | Tutorial

Crate Paper | How to Make Pretty Paper Flowers | Tutorial

Welcome to my blog today and a fun tutorial how to make pretty paper flowers. The flowers are really effortless to make and they look really pretty.

First, grab cardstock in pretty colors. Second, punch circles to create petal layers. I made three petal layers (bottom: 5 circles, middle: 4 circles, top: 3 circle + a center).

Third, cut the circles halfway with a pair of scissors as shown in the photo below.

Fourth, glue each petal with a glue gun as shown in the photo below.

Fifth, create petal layers (remember the layers: 5-4-3) and glue all petals together with a glue gun. Sixth, cut a center (from glitter cardstock or gold paper). Attach the center with a glue gun. You can also create centers with fringe scissors. Just cut a strip of paper. Then cut fringes. And glue the center onto the top petal layer.

Seventh, cut some leaves from green cardstock. And then you're done :).

Thank you for stopping by on my blog today. I hope you like my pretty paper flowers tutorial. Have a wonderful day, yours Sandra.

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