Crate Paper | My Craft Corner 2020

Crate Paper | My Craft Corner 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog and a new post featuring my craft corner 2020. I'm creating my projects in a small corner in our living-room. All my craft supplies are stored here. Sometimes I wished I had my own craft room with more shelves and a larger crafting table. The challenge with small spaces is that you have to find smart storage solutions. Over the years, I've found that the best solutions to keep my craft corner organized, neat, and tidy are 1) using stackable boxes with label stickers, 2) destashing on a regular basis, and 3) adding lovely pieces of decoration that make you happy. 

When I sit at my crafting table, I have a rack right in front of me, where I store many of the tools that I'm using regularly: different types of scissors, stapler, and Crop-A-dile. Next to my table to my right side, I'm storing glue, stamp pads, stamps, tapes, foam pads, pens and pencils, and many other things in a mobile storage cart. That way, I have all the tools and supplies that I'm using all the time within short reach.

As I said before, if you have a limited amount of space, using clear boxes with label stickers is a great solution. You can write onto the label stickers to see at a glance what's inside each box. The boxes can be stacked, which helps to use up the space efficiently.

It's also a great idea to keep similar items in one spot. I have a small open container where I collect thread and ribbons for my bookbinding projects. The container can be pulled out easily and I can pick the perfect color for my album projects.

Here is a view of my storage cart. It holds all different essential crafting tools and supplies that I like to use: glue, self-adhesive tapes, stamps, stamp pads, acrylic blocks, pens and pencils, rulers, cutting knives, and brushes.

Don't forget the fun decoration part :). I have two small shelves on the wall right above the storage card. This is where I display decorative washi-tape rolls and smaller projects that I created.

On the left side of my desk there is a smaller storage rack. This is where I keep cardstock, paper pads, and clear boxes with blank cards, tissue paper, and other small supplies (small punches, liquid pearls, and small bottles of color sprays). 

I've also got a decorative étagère, where I store sequins, glitter, paper clips, and other items in small jars.

The main storage space - for paper collections, heat-embossing supplies, grey board, and all other supplies that don't fit inside my shelves - is underneath my desk. Each clear box has a label sticker at the front so I can see what's inside. For me, this is the best storage solution to organize a lot of items in the limited space I've got.

I hope you liked the sneak into my craft corner. I'm also sharing this post over on the Crate Paper Blog. Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra.

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