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Letterboard saying "One Day At A Time" #lovelife DCVW American Crafts

[Ad] As interior deocrater Billy Baldwin put it: "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." If you like quotes and want to display them in your home, pick one of the letterboards by DCWV to "say what you have to say" and to create "unique and customizable home decor" to fit your style. In addition, the Letter Storage Divider Box makes it easy to organize your letters, numbers, and symbols for your letterboard. I'm sharing my quote for the new year: "One day at a time". And I used the DCWV Hanger Frame Letterboard 16 x 20 inches to display this quote.

Lovely home decoration with the DCWV letterboard

Display your quotes in your home in style with the DCWV letterboard

One day at a time quote on a wooden letterboard

Lovelife Quotes for Home Decoration with Letterboard

Letterboard DCWV saying One Day at a time Quote

List of supplies: DCWV Hanger Frame Letterboard 16 x 20 inches (623690), Letter Storage Divider Box (624365)

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a lovely day! Yours Sandra :).

Put up a quote and be happy with a wooden letterboard

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