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3 Great DIY Xmas Ideas with Color Pour Resin

[Ad/Werbung] Are you looking for some DIY Christmas gift inspiration? If yes, you are going to love this post. I'm sharing three Xmas gift ideas with the Color Pour Resin Collection by American Crafts and the 'Hey, Santa' Collection by Crate Paper. I also used the Button Press by We R Memory Keepers to make some fancy buttons and flairs.

I want to share the following three DIY ideas:

  • handmade resin paper-clip holder + gift bag for paper clips
  • cute stationery set including a handmade notebook decorated with a tassel embellishment and a flair + a lovely Xmas button
  • resin key-chain holder

Handmade Notebook with tassel and flair Sandra Dietrich

The first project is a resin hand that holds paper-clips in style. To make the resin hand, I used a couple of things from the Color Pour Resin Collection by American Crafts. It's fun to create projects with resin, because you can add glitter, colors and also small embellishments. Just the perfect way to create handmade gifts. But now back to the first DIY project! This gift comes with a handmade gift bag that holds paper-clips. I decorated the vellum gift bag with embellishments from the 'Hey, Santa' Collection by Crate Paper. In addition, I added some patterned paper at the top of the bag--doesn't it look as if you bought it from a DIY shop? What do you think?
Tip: To make the vellum bag, use a sheet of vellum, fold it to make a pocket and sew along the edges with a sewing machine.

Handmade Resin Paper-Clip Holder Color Pour Resin

Handmade Resin Paper-Clip Holder

Cute storage bag with decorative Xmas embellishments

The second gift idea is a cute stationery set, which includes a handmade notebook (made with the bookbinding machine Cinch by American Crafts) and a cute Xmas button (made with the Button Press by We R Memory Keepers):

DIY Notebook with Crate Paper Hey Santa

DIY Xmas gifts with American Crafts

Cute Notepad with Hey Santa by Crate Paper

Cute Flair Button with Peace Love Paper by Crate Paper

The third project is a resin key-chain holder, also made with the Color Pour Resin Collection by American Crafts. Originally, it is intended to hold rings. However, I thought that using it for key-chains is a great alternative! By the way, did you know that you can make key-chains yourself with the Button Press? The collection also has a key-chain set, which makes it easy to create pretty presents.
Tip: The Color Pour Resin collection includes fun accessoires like gold glitter stars and mini lights too. It's so easy to play around and create unique gifts.

Resin Key-chain holder blue with golden stars

Fancy Xmas set-up with Resin Key-Chain Holder American Crafts

Pink is sweet Key-chain holder blue with stars

Key-Chain holder made of resin blue with little stars

Cute Christmas gifts Notebook Key-chain holder

American Crafts Color Pour Resin Collection | Resin and Hardener (359703), Mold Hand Dish (34002256), Mold Ring Holder (34002263), Glitter Set Galaxy (356715), Crate Paper Hey Santa Collection | Sticker Book (373217), Pine Branches (373226), Confetti Set (373224), Button Press Collection | Button Maker Kit (660524), Beaded Tassels (373214), Button Backer Keychain Kit (661074, The Cinch Bindery Tool Heidi Swapp Edition (662789)

I hope you like my Xmas gifts inspiration. To find out more, please also check out my post on the American Crafts Blog. Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra.

DIY Inspiration Christmas Gifts

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