Crate Paper | Handmade Wooden Stand + Cute Mini Notebook

Crate Paper | Handmade Wooden Stand + Cute Mini Notebook

Welcome to my blog and a new DIY inspiration. This post features a handmade wooden stand and a cute mini notebook. I made the stand with wooden dowels, baker's twine, and glue dots. And I used stickers, a tassel charm, and embellishments from Crate Paper for decoration. I attached the dowels with glue dots and then fastened the dowels with baker's twine. The stand is a nice decorative item to display photos and small paper projects. I also created a mini notebook in a paper pocket. Let's have a look at some photos: 

I bought the dowels from a DIY store. It took some trial and error to make the stand, but in the end, I managed to create a firm and stable piece of decoration.

And here is a snapshot of the mini notebook in a pocket:

How to make the notebook: First, I cut a cover from the specialty paper (from the Magical Forest Collection by Crate Paper). It comes with cute golden rainbows. Then I cut blank pages from white paper. Next, I used a stapler to attach these inside pages to the cover. In a last step, I made a pocket with a notch at the top. It's so simple, yet I LOVE it :).

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you like my wooden stand and the cute mini notebook. Wishing you a lovely day, yours Sandra :).

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